Order Information
Precision Optics
Laser Accessory Parts
All Sanctity Laser products are guaranteed to meet the quoted specifications.
Sanctity Laser warrants to the original purchaser (the Buyer) only.
Warranty time is calculated from the day you receive the product from the courier.
Laser Systems Warranty time is ( 12 ) months.
Laser Modules Warranty time is ( 6 ) months.
Laser Pointers Warranty time is ( 6 ) months.
Laser Diodes Warranty time is ( 6 ) months.
Optict Parts Warranty time is ( 6 ) months.
Optict Crystals Warranty time is ( 6 ) months.
Laser Scanners  
Infrared Laser Display Cards  
Optical Tables & Breadboards warranty time is ( 12 ) months.
Optomechanical Components  
Products are warranted to conform to Sanctity Laser published specifications, Sanctity Laser will repair or replace (at our discretion) free of charge, any parts found to be defective during the warranty period.
The Products beyond warranty period, we will offer the repair charge after we receive the return products, we will repair the products after customer confirm.
When we send repaired products to customer the repair charge will list to Invoice, customer need pay the Invoice after receive products.
If the ( Laser system, Laser module and Laser pointer ) operate time over the laser diode life time, the output power must will gradually falling, we suggest to purchase a new product.
Notes For Warranty and Safe of Our Products
It is possible to troubleshoot many problems via E-mail, phone or fax.
If the laser must be returned to Sanctity Laser, please contact us for a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number prior to shipping the products. No returns are accepted without an RMA. All returned products should be shipped prepaid and insured with the RMA number specified on the shipping documents.
Within Warranty Time: Sanctity Laser will free to repair products.
Out of Warranty Time: Sanctity Laser also will repair products, but the products must return to us first, after we receive products and test, we will offer a repair cost to you, after you affirm we will repair it.
[ You can find the product "date of manufacture" or "products number" from products label of products body or package, if you not sure is the products within warranty time, please give the "products number" to our customer service, we will let you know the exact information about the products ]
The products within warranty time, we will both charge shipping cost of customer return and delivery new products. ( We will specified shipping carrier to customer before delivery )
The Products out of warranty time, customer need both charge shipping cost of customer return and delivery new products.
Please pay special attention to adequate packaging so that the products will not damage during shipment. ( The original packing way is best for keep the products safe )
Specific shipping and customs information will be provided with your RMA number. Please follow these instructions closely to prevent customs shipping problems.